Print isn’t Dead, #002

Print isn’t Dead is an independent magazine that celebrates all things print. Showcasing print-makers, designers, illustrators, typographers and artists from all over the world. Each issue uses a different typeface providing a platform for type foundry’s worldwide, helping to shape the style and art direction. Coupled with a changing colour palette the design and production of the magazine is a great example of the capabilities of print itself.

Element 002 focused on DIY, self-publishing and counter-culture, with articles and interviews with Jeremy Leslie, Kickstarter and the issue’s main focal point, 60s counterculture magazine OZ, raising the question of whether a self publishing model or a traditional publishing model is better suited to an industry where crowd-funding can provide the instant collateral it needs to get off the ground and allowing its creators to retain full control from a creative to content.

A special edition hand screen printed cover was made available in an edition of 500, each one unique and produced by Studio Heretic.